What’s in a name?


And heres the title with an abstract for my final PhD milestone presentation at UQ next week in Brisbane:

Glorious failure: the landscape architect in the entropic garden
Landscape change results in material outcomes that exhibit the quality of novelty. While the idea of change as growth is fundamental to the idea of landscape architecture often change is regarded as negative. Recent interest in process in landscape architecture and architecture celebrates change, however such change is simulated rather than real. In this research, three built landscape architecture case studies that were designed and managed over time are analyzed to determine the mechanisms used to encourage novelty. Gardening is proposed as a relevant model for landscape architecture to produce more novel design outcomes that gain qualities rather than lose them over time.

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  2. Alex says:

    How do I get a hold of your PHD?
    For a long time, since reading Robert Smithson, I have thought that entropic change in design is an essential conversation for landscape architects to have.

    please contact me on my email if you are interested in sharing.



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