From designing a garden which allows you to be more mindful, to growing your own food to help you safely feed your family, it is predicted that the 2019 tendencies of gardening are heavily leaning toward creating a space which brings you health, relaxation, and happiness.

Now, we share 10 important trends which are shaping the gardening world in 2019.


The saying “More mess equals more stress” is not only limited to the indoors, which is the reason why a disheveled garden can make the homeowners feel overwhelmed. With the busy world that we live in, the gardeners must be trying to simplify their gardens in 2019.

  • Grow mostly perennial plants which will come back every year and group them based on the watering level they need. When it comes to plant suggestions, attend a local garden tour to get ideas or talk to a master gardener in your community.
  • Remove messy trees or shrubs which don’t provide any ecological benefits. For example, trees which drop too many leaves into your pool or pond, shrubs which creep into an oft-used pathway.
  • Invest to set up an irrigation system which can help you do the dirty work when you’re away.
  • Look for information when selecting hardscaping materials. Select quality stones which don’t require repair after just a short amount of time or pavers which don’t need to be cleaned constantly. Also, use gravel pathways with robust edging.

Designer Scott Shrader says, “Why go on vacation once a year when you can make your yard feel like you’re on vacation all year round?” Gardeners are making more ways to enjoy a staycation in their own backyard rather than waiting at the airport and living out of a suitcase.

There is some inspiration:

  • Keep it low maintenance (as above).
  • Set up an outdoor kitchen if you love to cook.
  • Set up a weatherproof speaker system to enjoy music.
  • Invest in outdoor furniture which you actually want to sit in.
  • Site destination spaces in a spot which will draw people outside.