Casino design is an interesting subject that is full of intrigue, subterfuge, and secrecy. Casinos must be appealing to high-rollers, standard players, as well as casual visitors. They also need to stand out in the surrounding landscape but not be too garish to put off locals and potential customers. It’s a tricky business for any architect who wants to design a casino that can appeal to everyone.

It gets even more interesting to come inside the building. There are famous casinos of which the floor design mimics a fairy-tale maze’s layout out, with temptation in every corner in order to make punters become less inclined to leave without having one more flutter.

However, above all, most casinos are designed to be eye-catching and opulent, both inside and out. Many casinos around the world took the design of their facilities to greater heights to make guests’ playing experience even more memorable. Let’s take a look at the most amazing casinos in the world.

Morpheus Casino, Macau 

Zaha Habid, a famous Iraqi-British architect, was the first woman in the world to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize, and one of her last designs before her death in 2016 was the stunning Morpheus Casino in Macau.

The building with 42-storey was designed as an intriguing exoskeleton, cost about $1.1 billion to erect and helped its owners realize their dream of creating a building which was flamboyant and ‘insane’. It features a hotel and a casino, demonstrating stunning futuristic architecture which makes it stand out in a heaving metropolis.

Morpheus is the fifth and final hotel tower in Macau, the ‘Vegas of the East’. It goes all out to achieve the aim that casinos must do in Macau: standing out from the crowd. Owned by Malco Resorts, Morpheus offers about 500 gaming tables including blackjack, poker, and roulette, as well as exclusive ‘gaming salons’ where visitors can request access.