10 Best Tourist Spots for Landscape Architecture in Asia (part 2)

  1. Free the Bears Store – Kuang Si Falls, Laos

The international organization “Free the Bears” works to fight against the illegal trade in bears. They also provide a safe sanctuary for rescued bears in the Tat Kuang Si Rescue Centre, Laos PDR. The new store will make this organization be able to sell items to receive the needed donations that help them continue their endless efforts to protect bears in Laos and beyond.

The centre has a simple but special architecture with the bamboo canopy built in conjunction with the local community. It enables visitors not only to see one of Laos’ most endangered species and discover the life and threats of them but also have the opportunity to admire the beautiful and unique landscape architecture of the store.

  1. SCG Headquarters – Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is one of the most favored tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Especially, travelers who prefer harmonious, modern, outstanding landscape architecture should not miss CSG Headquarters in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The well-developed landscape design has bound the disparate companies’ buildings together and has created an attractive and harmonic stage on which to enjoy the environment through a mixture of nature and architecture.

The designers used curved geometry in a simple 3-D design pattern, which was accompanied by the furniture and emphasized by materials, to organize the open space. You can visit CSG Headquarters to enjoy the landscape views of the most powerful Thai companies.

  1. Quzhou Luming Park – Quzhou, China

Every landscape architect must have heard about Quzhou Luming Park, a Chinese hope-giving park by now. Its popularity remains undiminished since its first part was opened in 2015.

Designed by the well-known Turenscape bureau, Quzhou Luming Park shows three design concepts: a productive farming landscape on the fertile soil, minimal intervention to preserve the red sandstone hills, and water resilience to respect the natural water flow in the floodplain. If you plan to travel to China, you should definitely visit and get inspired by its Luming Park.