3 Landscape Design Tips And Trends


Spring means the time to step outside and to update your outdoor space so that you can fully immerse in the warm-weather months. There are the favorite landscape design tips and trends of the top landscape designers and architects, from big-picture ideas to smaller details. I hope that they will help you enhance your backyard to enjoy all season long.

  1. Bring the Indoors Out

Many people want to enjoy their houses both indoors and outdoors without giving up the convenient features of the interior spaces. Lighting design both indoors and outdoors can give a wonderful ambiance to space. It adds the dimension and enhances the users’ ability to enjoy their outdoor spaces with family and friends.

  1. Create Comfortable Gathering & Entertaining Spaces

A trend which never goes out of style is seating arrangements providing spaces for gatherings, from small to large. By enlisting the interior decorator, you can make the outdoor living space an extension of your interior. To create a perfect outdoor space, there is a trend of including a full-service kitchen and bar combined with a lounging area. This can be more complete with a TV for watching shows, films, sports events, or a music player for some dancing or singing. Moreover, a screened in porch or gazebo is a great option to prevent insects, protect from the sun in the summer, and also add a little warmth in the fall and winter.

  1. Plant a Garden for the Kitchen

With the increased desire for healthy eating, there are more and more requests for herb gardens, potager gardens, and organic gardens so that fresh food is available from everyone’s own garden. A herb garden near the kitchen entry to the house is a good idea. For example, a parterre with the favorite herbs which are planted between the pattern of the boxwood hedges.